Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here it is!

I so excited to reveal my village. I had to do a bit of fixing up to my village, only a bit though. I added various types of glitter of course. For now, it has found a home in my uncottage style living room because I want to see it everyday. I think next year I will put it in my shabby bedroom. Can you believe I found this entire thing for only $25? It is stamped Japan on the bottom.

I had to add the trees to these two. There were without.

I thought I would share a recent trip from last week to GORGEOUS St. Augustine Florida. We took Stink Bone and I caught a few cute snapshots of him enjoying the road and trolleys. A bit of the building that you see in the background is Flagler College. What a beautiful winter day it was. We then went to the beach and I must say I think the beach is even more lovely in winter than summer. The water takes on a very dark blue, like midnight or saphire. Some relatives from Indianna came with us and they had never seen the ocean in their 60 or more years of life. There is something about going to the ocean with someone that has never seen it before. It is so powerful.


Sweetina said...

Has StinkBones grown taller all of the sudden!!So cute!
St Augustine looks lovely and I've heard it's beautiful.The hibiscus reminds me of back in Bermuda.
Your Christmas Village is so sweet!I think you got it for a steal!!
An entire vintage village!
I've only seen one or two single houses like this.I have a bright pink little vintage house on my flickr.
Excellent find!
Is StinkyB excited for Christmas this year?
It's so magical at his age!

Alisa said...

Darling village!

Thank you SO much for the sweet birthday wish Jaime!