Monday, June 23, 2008

Awwww, Blog Therapy

Being that I've only just turned 30, I highly doubt that I have the onset of Alzheimer's. But, I find myself tidying my way from room to room, wondering... "what did I come in this room for?" I usually say this out loud, hoping that I might answer myself. A few seconds pass before I figure out what I came into this room to get or do OR not. If I have the awakening moment it leads to the other three or four tasks that I am simultaneously performing all while hoping that my two year old isn't eating week old cheerios from underneath the couch cushions.
Just today I found that I started a pile of laundry (husband's work uniforms that I've been asking him to sort through and weed out the ones no longer fitting which ended up becoming one of my gazillion organization tasks) only to find myself called into the living room by a 6 lb. chihuahua and a 26 lb. child fighting over animal crackers. Mind you, the animal crackers are partly hanging out of Christan's mouth purposely to tempt Lola into taking a bite and I cringe. As we all know, dog's do lick their own butts and I would prefer that Christian not share the food in his mouth with the dog. This is where my early Alzheimer's comes into play. I could not for the life of me remember which task I was performing before I was interupted by a boy and his dog. On my way to rediscovering the chore at hand I picked up a few more only to become buried in more housework. I did find the laundry and was so happy, yes happy, that I found what I had forgotten. Even though what was found happend to be some wet work pants hanging out of the dryer with the rest of the load still in the washer.
It is a relief that I most likely do not have Alzheimer's. I have a two year old, a husband, a chihuahua, two half read books waiting on me to finish, another one to start for a book club, a rosary to pray, friends to call back or e-mail, play dates to schedule, closets to finish organizing, garage sale items that didn't sell to take to Brother's Keeper, an itty bitty house swap to finish and mail priority mail because I don't want to be late on my deadline, two shirts to paint for a lovely Etsy customer, clothes to fold, bathrooms to clean, a world to save because I am a woman, parents to visit, an exercise workout, plants to plant, dinner to prepare, and one story of Good Night Moon to read and reread before bedtime. Did I take a shower today?