Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picture Catch Up

It is no secret as of lately what my one of my new creative pursuits is, photography. Here I will post my recent train track pictures of stink bone jones. I am having so much fun photographing this little boy! He was over the moon excited while on the train track, Harold, located a real piece of coal! Christian just could not believe that there was a REAL piece of coal on the train track. For some reason, he thinks that every train is a coal train, even though we live in Florida. He does not distinguish passenger train or cargo train, just COAL train. So, to his utter amazement he came in contact with a real piece of coal.

Upon reaching the train tracks, I was so wrapped up in where I would shoot, on which side of the track, what camera settings, etc.. that I hardly noticed my son's intense excitment. Astounded that we were really walking on train tracks, he repeated over and over again, "Real train tracks, real train tracks..." It was too cute when I snapped out of my camera reverie to his cute little words about real train tracks. We did have so much fun and I cannot wait to go back for seconds.