Sunday, May 6, 2012


Lately I just can't figure out which day of the week is my favorite. I'm torn between Mon, Fri, Sat., & Sun.
Yes, I do love Mondays. There isn't a speech session for my oldest son so after school the entire afternoon is usually free. I also don't have to run on Mondays which is always a happy moment for me.
Friday & Saturday are obvious as is Sunday but Sunday is great because it is so laid back around here. I usually wake up to a clean house because I make sure that Saturday afternoon it has been cleaned. This past Saturday I literally scrubbed my walls & baseboards with bleach. I was quite mortified at how terribly dirty our boys' bathroom was. They play in mud & dirt daily so you can imagine what it looked like. It needs a total bleaching once a week.

On Sundays, My husband gets me my coffee drink from McDonalds. My guiltiest pleasure these days. Hot cakes welcome the boys to the kitchen table as I savor my drink & watch the best show ever, CBS Sunday morning. After breakfast, The boys play inside for sometime before heading outdoors to the slip n slide which will be soon replaced by a summer membership to our local Y.

I try to make it to the 5pm Contemporary Mass with my oldest. I would be lying if I said we go every Sunday. I feel pretty badly when we don't make it.

Finally, when Downton Abbey returns my Sunday night will be complete!

So, I leave you with my oldest son having fun in his super clean room which makes me super happy.

Oh yes, and a lot of bug catching seems to happen in Sundays too.