Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My newest card collection, Marie Antoinette

Recently I became very excited when I found some extraordinary pictures of Marie Antoinette. Immediately I knew what I would do with them...turn them into a card collection for obsessed fans like myself. I say obsessed in a good way. Many misconceptions continue to hang over this Queen like a rain cloud, even some 200 or more years later.

I've taken it upon myself, as did her biographers who actually delved painstakingly into researching years of French history and historical facts surrounding the queeen, to mend her reputation. Now, to my point... I made these note cards with her misconceived reputation in mind. Each card displays the untruth on the cover. Open to the inside to discover the real truth based on historical fact, not fiction. Slowly, on a very small scale and with a hint of glitter, we will begin to shed light on the true woman behind the crown. An extremely devoted mother and wife, willing to sacrifice her own happiness and life, for France.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am BFF with Marie Antoinette

Yes mademoiselle you read the title correctly. I am best friends with Marie Antoinette's ghost. How is that you ask? Well, I have taken it upon myself to read several books about the last queen of France which I thoroughly enjoyed. Little tidbits of M.A. knowledge fill my head continually popping out of my mouth in conversation with friends. Conversation goes something like this: "Hmmmm... wow orange is such a bright color," says a friend.
"Did you know that Marie Antoinette hated orange?
She refused to allow orange into any decor." I say.

As you can imagine my friends are tired of hearing facts about this misunderstood Queen. Do they think I am crazy, of course they do, but this is something they find unique about me.

M.A. has sent me into a reading frenzy about French History. Napoleon and Josephine became a recent reading subject of mine. I love any connections to M.A. in the past or future. French culture has become an obsession of mine and all things French. Ratatouille is a new favorite movie. The Collection, the story of a young french seamstress working in the world of haute couture fashion for Chanel during World War I is a current read, and yes there are M.A. references throughout this intriguing book. Am I crazy? maybe, but I am certainly crazy in love with all things French.