Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas Brothers

Well, I never know how these boys are going to behave in front of the camera. I am still AMAZED that I managed to snap 3 great pictures for our Christmas card. My oldest of course had a stomach ache in the middle of Micanopy and no bathroom in sight. My youngest had no desire, what so ever, to be photographed. The weather was typical Florida winter weather and these boys are dressed for, well, not 80 degrees type weather. My husband just kept giving me this very irritating look, he wasn't irritated, I was irritated looking at him stand there watching it all happen. He pretty much had thrown his hands up with the boys but I was not leaving Micanopy after all of this fuss in ironing their clothes and driving 30 minutes there without some great pictures!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Dreams Nutcracker Party

Recently, I had the splendid opportunity to put on a "Sweet Dreams Nutcracker" themed Party. Pinterest was of course the first source of inspiration in which I found all my glorious ideas. Having a very small budget was a small source of contention but I found ways to borrow and improvise as I have done for each Family Times issue. In keeping with my budget, I outsourced to a few wonderfully talented friends that came to the rescue in the form of a fondant cake in the shape of a perfectly wrapped present as well as pink frosting sugar cookies.

It was beyond exciting for me to work on this pink laden party since I am the mother to two boys. I found myself covered in pink glitter as I adorned just about everything I could find in some perfect form of pink velvet ribbon or satin fabric. Wow, how many times have I mentioned the work pink?

Thank goodness I did not have to work alone in dreaming up all of these delightfully sweet party items and decor. Our friend and stylist, Cathy Clark, was just bursting at the seams with great ideas such as the snow on our cover. It just adds such a magical feel to it all.

My friend and photographer, Kristie Griggs, of Pure Joy Photography dreamed up the entire cover. It is as if we all happened upon these beautiful ballerinas hosting a tea party in a secret garden. The ballerinas in fact are the actual Nutcracker performers in our local Marion Ballet production. Their hand sewn costumers are just divine.

Needless to say, things were a bit stressful when trying to pull of the details together but once again it all paid off as you can see.

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