Friday, September 4, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

I have been in a very creative mood lately. Stink Bone's pj's are almost done and I will share a picture when I'm done. Newly listed items are coming to my Etsy shop daily and I have them all pictured here.

First off my sparkly ballerina box with pink fringe, teal polka dots, and glitter! Now available in my Etsy shop.

Now on to my little package adornment for a little girl's birthday. At the center is a little swan lake ballerina and hand glued rhinestones. Decked out in double crepe paper ruffles. Soon to my Etsy Shop.

My new baby banner. I made one a while back and it was quite popular on flickr. Now, I've made one to sell. Powder blue polka dot paper, silver sparkly letters, and satin chocolate brown ribbon. Available in my Etsy shop soon.

Last, I made this little package adornment you can tie onto any little or medium sized package. Soon to my Etsy shop.

Last, we are studying the Letter A this week and have had a great time. Stink Bone made this adorable Autumn picture complete with shingles and fall leaves. Then, we studied ants for the letter A out of this book that was mine as a child. I used his fingers to make ants up the A and down the a. To end our Letter A studying, we went to our local wildlife type park and fed Alligators. He really loves to do that! Now on to the letter B next week.

A couple of weeks ago I made a custom birthday shirt for a local Children's boutique. The little boy is turning one. If you are interested, just leave me a comment.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always humbled when I have visitors come by.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quite Busy

I have been quite busy lately trying to tackled a few hundred projects. Not really a hundred but it definitely seems so. I sewed on pair of PJ's for stink bone only to have them completely shrink in the dryer. Mom and I are making them together and we forgot to prewash fabric. So, on to the second pair she is making and I am constructing a pair of vintage type fireman red pants with a cute shirt. Can't wait to show you all!

Next, I am going to paint my room. I have re-done an old dresser complete with new white paint and new knobs. Pictures coming. I need to resalvage an old night stand and repaint my bookshelf. I found wallpaper to line the back for only $.54 brand-new! Woo Hoo. Online I was looking at some gorgeous wallpaper for well $90 or more. It is just going on the back of my bookshelf. In fact the chair I redid from a thrift store in the picture below, the fabric matches the wallpaper for my bookshelf. I went with a powder blue for my room. I wanted to do the Tori Spelling paint color but found out too late what that blue color was. Pictures to follow of my new bedroom or shall I say boudoir!

Etsy shop will have some new items this week. A super cute boy baby banner, a little girl package adornment, and a big girl or boy type package adornment. Soon to come, Christmas shirts for boys and girls.