Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break happened around here recently. Lots of fun was to be had, most of it right in our front yard. The boys had some friends over from our preschool a couple of days during the week. They had so much fun on the slip & slide down our hill in the front yard. Popsicles were a daily must & addiction.

The beginning of the week started with a fun trip to the Jacksonville Zoo. We took off with a group of girlfriends & their kiddos. Colin discovered how much he loves riding merry-go-rounds & I discovered a fascinating position he turns his body into when he doesn't want go be picked up. He becomes limp & literally I cannot pick him up. Amazing how he does this!
Anyway, we have had a blast. We meet friends again @ the park tomorrow for a cook out & playground fun.

Oh did I mention Angry Birds in Space came out this week? We even had a daily countdown until the big release. My oldest has been playing it ever since.