Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colin's Nursery

I am finally getting around to finishing up this vintage nursery for Colin. Pictures aren't great but I am so super busy trying to get other things done right now. I still am finishing a bookshelf and need to bring it in along with hanging a shelf up above the bookshelf. Bought a chenille rug today at Target, didn't really want a vintage rug.

Here is the armoire from my mother's house when she was a little girl. My wonderful husband painted it white, afixed a new piece of wood to the top, and adorned it with glass knobs. I just love it. It is the perfect size for children's clothing.

Here are the birdies and the banner I bought from Etsy. See older posts for links to Etsy shops. They hang above my early maternity pics when my mother was still alive. My friend Kristie took pictures of her hands on my stomach with Christian's hands too. They are so beautiful and so simple. She was asleep through most of the pictures and didn't even remember we had taken them a few hours later.

I bought this dresser from a local thrift consignment type shop. She painted the blue birds on and distressed it a bit. I really love how it turned out.

I just found this bench and shelf at another local vintage type repurposed shop. The bench functions as a toy chest and will do great for photo ops. Christian keeps filling the bench with all brother's baby toys that he isn't old enough to play with yet.

I bought the frame from a garage sale and took out an old pic of flowers to put in another old page from Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I just bought the bibs from sweetlittlepeach.etsy.com and someone gave me the very old crocheted sweater.

About a year ago, my mother and I would go the Salvation Army and Humane Society Thrift Store at least once a week. I loved this Humpty Dumpty lamp and thought for sure it would be gone since I haven't been in way before her illness started last Christmas. I went in a few months ago and as I was just about to check out I asked a 2nd sales lady about the lamp and this one pointed to the corner of the children's section and there it was! I couldn't belive it! The frame is from a local boutique and I registered for it for my shower.

These frames were sitting in my closet. They were gold and I was going to sand them and hang them over my bed but instead I spray painted them blue and hung them over his crib. My friend Kristie took the maternity pics and I took the others of Colin. I really love the display. My friend Beth made the bebe sign for my French Country baby shower. We got the idea from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine.

The bedding is Amy Coe alphabet soup with a vintage look. I bought it off of Ebay...

I bought this cute little boy cradle from that vintage store that had the shelf and bench. I really need to hurry and take his pic in this before he grows out of it. When he does, I will fill it with books for him.

I painted this frame from Hobby Lobby. It was one of those plain wood ones and I decided to add some damask. I will hang over the book shelf I have not yet finished. These letters are chipboard and when the N gets in and I glitter it too, I will hang them over his closet. I will share that too when I finish. I used Antique Silver to glitter his name.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So is it wrong to make myself thinner? I think not! I even expanded my bust line. Before is on the left, and after, and at least 30 pounds thinner, is on the right. My dear from Kristie Griggs took these pictures. She has her own site