Friday, February 1, 2008

Memories etched in my mind...

My life was in slow motion once. I stood before two closed wrought iron doors holding my father's arm. It was almost as if I was no longer inside my body but floating above. Beautiful music echoed through out the entire Cathedral Basilica. I tuned in just as I heard the most angelic voice singing, "Ave Maria." Was she really singing this for me? I was to glide down the aisle in this most serene place, the place he propsed to me because I loved it so much. He waited so patiently at the end of this long aisle. Soaking in every single moment of this journey, this walk to marriage, I didn't take even a second for granted. Never will I forget this dream like moment in time when my Father needed my tissue more than me, as he handed me over to my love, my husband.

Another memory I savor that is so fresh, so vivid and brings such amazing warmth when I recall it belongs to Christian and I. Yes, my amazing husband was there the entire 17 hours but for this one moment in time I felt as if it was just me and my brand-new son. After such a long and tiring labour, they placed this amazing creature onto my breast. Truly, he could have had a third eye ball and I would have thought him to be the most beautiful baby ever created. It is impossible to describe, with words, the birth of a child when it is your own. In that moment you have no idea how much you will love this child and how much you will worry about this child because he is everything and I mean, everything.