Monday, March 16, 2009

Easter Sneak Peak

Finally, something other than Lollipops. Although there were some lollipop pictures taken. This is just a sneak peak of one of many adorable Easter pictures taken in the park the other day. This is the main reason I have not made one single Easter decoration this year, nor participated in any swaps. I'm too involved with taking and editing these pictures!

I have to say, the day was just beautiful! Perfect weather, low humidity, sunshine, and happy toddlers (for the most part). My friend Kristie is the mommy to these gorgeous girls and a fellow aspiring photographer as well. Although, I think she already is a photographer. She caught such gorgeous pictures of my son which made it into my Easter card. People from around the park stopped to take a peak at our little ones. My son, stink bone jones, thought the tea party thing was a good idea. He has never been to one before.