Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm cooking something up...

I am so excited to begin work on a number of things. One of which is a little project that includes my bff, Marie Antoinette. Yes, you read that correctly. I am bff with Marie Antoinette's ghost. For those of you that do not know what a bff is, it is "best friends forever". Who else has a Marie Antoinette doll with an eject able head, two changes of clothing including an outfit for execution day? Her hair or couiffer (spelling?) even comes off to reveal a nearly shaved head for the guillotine.
Anyway, I'm rambling about my bff, Marie, when I meant to tell you that I will be making a jazzy snazzy Marie Antoinette birthday Collection (collecion) for big girls! I've done this in the past, but NEVER like what I am going to do this time. I will not reveal specific facts but just be prepared for sugary sweetness! I know that when my birthday rolls along, I would love to decorate my whole house in Marie Antoinette birthday decor as if it were a holiday, well it should be. If you've ever seen my Marie Card Fact Collection, I will include one of those. This kit is only for serious Marie fans. Check my Etsy shop soon for the M.A. Birthday Collecion. I'm off to do some antiquing and shopping to add to this collection.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Well, I have just been a little busy bee around here trying to get custom Etsy onesie orders completed and perfected! Four orders, all handpainted, wrapped in a beautiful package with individual tags for each little onesie has taken me atleast a week and a half. I also decided to try my hand at collage and made a little something special for my girlfriend's baby Ava to hang in her room. I like how it turned out.

My cupcake swap date is approaching and I cannot wait to post that cute thing!!! I will wait until my parnter recieves all her goodies.

My husband and I decided to take a drive down a beautiful scenic road here in our town and of course we stumbled upon an antique store/mall. Wow, were the prices perfect! I must share the goodies I found. Then, when we got the car, my hubby told me he needed a tissue and he told me to get one for him in the glove compartment and voila! there was this little something special waiting on me. A picture of a maiden and her love embracing one another. He saw that I had picked it up in the shop and then that little stinker went and bought it for me while I was shopping. Found a beautiful Mary statue that looks sort of like one I bought in Italy on our honeymooon. Love my kitties and put them in the kitchen. I cannot wait to go back to this place!!!

Oh, one more thing, I submitted a little article for a popular blog, 5minutesformom and they accepted it! I was published this week! I'm so super excited!