Friday, October 26, 2007

French Inspiration, American Made

Inspiration can certainly spring up from anywhere. Recently, I found myself planning a party around an invitation. Have you ever done that? I seem to do this often. My son's 1st birthday theme was completely created because of an outfit he received at Christmas. I would stop at nothing to be sure that it was a sailboat party, even if I couldn't find many decorations. I made my own.

I am throwing a surprise birthday bash in honour of a friend's 30th. Pink and black and Parisian...the theme. Searching one of my favorite stationary shops at revealed numerous pink and black cards. The owner of was highly accommodating and created a beautiful invitation to suit my theme. Oooh la la note cards adorned with the Eiffel Tower became my custom invitation.

Needless to say, the compliments arrived upon guests receiving their invitations in a tres chic hot pink envelope. I can't wait for my friend to finally see them. In addition, a photographer/friend of mine, with a lot of artistic taste and talent, transformed a picture of her into pink, black, and very nostalgic comic strip like. Wait until she sees it all! I think she will be so pleased with her magnifique party!
Please take a look at my latest onesie for my shop at etsy, I think you will see where the inspiration came from for this onesie.