Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shop Reopen

I think it has been at least 2 months since I last painted onesies for my shop. When I last opened I was so busy with custom orders that I had to almost shut the shop down to paint them all. I had to take a break. Locally I've been swamped and now that that is slowing down and I've had a nice break, it is time to reopen! November 1st, please check out my new onesie designs. Most of them are pictured here (all but one NEW fairy princess not pictured that I am so excited to debut). I will only be open for one month so that I can concentrate on my gazillion Christmas projects. I LOVE custom orders and welcome them enthusiastically.My popular "Let them eat cake" onesie or toddler shirt comes with a pink and blue detachable frou frou brooch. Enjoy!

This shirt means "I love my mommy" in French of course!

Not sure If I am going to carry this one again or not. It means "Am I gorgeous or what?" This one takes so much time to get the wording perfectly painted. I might try to do this as an iron-on shirt with a border around it. What do you think???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Do It Yourself Project

I decided to follow a do it yourself project and instead of making a banner with someone's name, I instead made a Boo Banner. After tracing the letters from a tuscan font (find link below in previous post to this font site). I cut them out with a utility knife, sparkled the black paper with black glitter and strung them along. I also painted purple sparkly skeletons you can see if you look closely on my mantle.