Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Most Wonderful Fairy Swap Presents A Girl Could Wish For

I have to say that I won the fairy swap lottery! I find my swap partner's flickr name very fitting, Sweetina, she is a sweet girl indeed! This super talented lady made my day when that package arrived on my door step! If I had seen the mailman coming, I probably would have kissed him on the cheek for delivering such goodies.

First off, Tina hand wrote a LOVELY story about a little fairy named Antoinella. When I saw that name, I just KNEW that Antoinella would be my favorite, Marie Antoinette as a fairy! And so into my fairy tale I was directed to open box 1. There I found the most beautifully decorated box that I've already tucked inside my jewelry armourer in hopes of a daughter some day to share this with. This is what I saw...

The story continued and the Mama Fairy and Antoinelle made cakes for all of the children in the land so that none would ever have unpleasant dreams again. They used this gorgeous hand decorated and personalized scoop to measure their precious ingredients of honeysuckle, spring water, airey fairy flour, and fairy dust.

And the story goes that the Fairy delivered all her beautiful cakes with a note "Take one small bit at bedtime." Sweet dreams were had, of course, and soon Antoinella entertained an offer from her Prince Charming to give her hand in marriage and become a Fairy Princess of the Land. Now, I opened my favorite, Box no. 3, this hope chest filled with everything you see!

I do not know how my lovely swap partner knew, but I have dreamt of this glittery Eiffel Tower and have been unable to find one. Now, it rests in my room, on my dresser, and makes me smile each time I catch a glimpse of its sparkle. How in the world she found "The Fairy Wedding" sheet music, I do not know, but I will cherish that forever. There was also a tiny little cake on a plate with a Monogrammed M on the petite napkin. There is a beautiful pink M on my suitcase as well.

Lastly, The Prince and Antoinella married and the Prince granted her the royal name of "Fairy Antoinette" She gave her prince a kiss on the cheek and they lived happily ever after. The End!

She blew me out of the water with this last gift, NO. 4, because it is a one of a kind Marie Antoinette Fairy. She is GORGEOUS!
She currently resides in my kitchen hutch with my bunnies but will be moved to a shelf that I am repainting. One day maybe she will live in a baby girl's room.

Tina was even so thoughtful as to give my son Christian a little something special. A Hot Wheel Car. I'm not sure if she knows but he is pretty much obsessed with Cars of any sorts, especially Hot Wheels.

If you love what this lovely lady has done for me, Please take a look at her blog and her wonderful Etsy shop. You will definitely FALL IN LOVE with her creations, as I have. Thanks Tina!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Swap Treats that will blow your socks off

Recently, I was so blessed to have come across the creations of an amazingly talented woman, Tina Ponte-Slocum from Rarebird3 She was my swap partner in the Etsy Cottage Syle Ning Fairy Swap. Pictures of my AMAZING FABULOUS MAGNIFIQUE goodies have not been taken yet due to some really nasty weather here in Florida called hurricane Fay but I do want to share some pictures with you of her LOVELY creations. I have my heart set on one in particular...the halloween decorations. Please visit her wonderful blog as well.