Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quite Busy

I have been quite busy lately trying to tackled a few hundred projects. Not really a hundred but it definitely seems so. I sewed on pair of PJ's for stink bone only to have them completely shrink in the dryer. Mom and I are making them together and we forgot to prewash fabric. So, on to the second pair she is making and I am constructing a pair of vintage type fireman red pants with a cute shirt. Can't wait to show you all!

Next, I am going to paint my room. I have re-done an old dresser complete with new white paint and new knobs. Pictures coming. I need to resalvage an old night stand and repaint my bookshelf. I found wallpaper to line the back for only $.54 brand-new! Woo Hoo. Online I was looking at some gorgeous wallpaper for well $90 or more. It is just going on the back of my bookshelf. In fact the chair I redid from a thrift store in the picture below, the fabric matches the wallpaper for my bookshelf. I went with a powder blue for my room. I wanted to do the Tori Spelling paint color but found out too late what that blue color was. Pictures to follow of my new bedroom or shall I say boudoir!

Etsy shop will have some new items this week. A super cute boy baby banner, a little girl package adornment, and a big girl or boy type package adornment. Soon to come, Christmas shirts for boys and girls.

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Alison Gibbs said...

You have been busy. What cute photos you have shared with us