Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am BFF with Marie Antoinette

Yes mademoiselle you read the title correctly. I am best friends with Marie Antoinette's ghost. How is that you ask? Well, I have taken it upon myself to read several books about the last queen of France which I thoroughly enjoyed. Little tidbits of M.A. knowledge fill my head continually popping out of my mouth in conversation with friends. Conversation goes something like this: "Hmmmm... wow orange is such a bright color," says a friend.
"Did you know that Marie Antoinette hated orange?
She refused to allow orange into any decor." I say.

As you can imagine my friends are tired of hearing facts about this misunderstood Queen. Do they think I am crazy, of course they do, but this is something they find unique about me.

M.A. has sent me into a reading frenzy about French History. Napoleon and Josephine became a recent reading subject of mine. I love any connections to M.A. in the past or future. French culture has become an obsession of mine and all things French. Ratatouille is a new favorite movie. The Collection, the story of a young french seamstress working in the world of haute couture fashion for Chanel during World War I is a current read, and yes there are M.A. references throughout this intriguing book. Am I crazy? maybe, but I am certainly crazy in love with all things French.

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