Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wait until you see what I bought today!

I just happened to run to the Sallie today (Salvation Army) to get a break from stink bone jones. Found some very cute things. Then ran next door to another thrift shop and WAIT until you see the village I purchased! I was rather surprised at the price of $25 but it is old and very very Cottage Style. The bottom is stamped with Japan. When I post pictures, I would love to hear from you if you've seen these before.

I also sold my wreath! I wanted to keep it for myself but decided to post in in my Etsy shop. To my surprise it sold! I am going to make a few all through out the year so that next year I can keep one, sell some, and gift some.

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Rachel said...

Okay well don't keep us in suspence, post it, post it, post it.. :) No pressure!! I love a good village, I don't have one and I know I need one..