Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Compton Christmas

Guiltily blogging away today when I should have been straightening my toy cluttered home led to my latest inspiration. I read some amazing blogs today! Belle and Boo...oh I am so jealous! This Etsy shop has captured the glimmer of childhood in every print! I especially loved the Tooth Fairy pillows! Seriously, it was like I was on a rampage. One amazing blog led me to the next and the next after that. I stumbled in a daze upon French boutiques and vintage finds galore. I was hooked!

Further reading and clicking led me to my bff, Marie Antoinette. Here, I found the most amazing Marie Antoinette book made by four ladies across the globe. I'm still anxious to find where this book ended up. Each participated in making four pages. This is a must read blog for only serious M.A. fans. Scroll almost all the way down twinklepink's blog to find the AMAZING Marie Antoinette book.

Here I lead you to my slightly pathetic but adorably glittered red Merry Christmas toille ornament. I'm proud of its imperfections because it is shabby chic. I've definitely got the shabby part down pat. The C is for Compton. Making this little ornament today made me so excited and I felt like such a great mom. Why? I am hoping one day my son admires this little handmade treasure from his mommy, but he won't. Who am I fooling? He is a boy and his wife one day will take a look at my little ornament and she will decide it won't be good or grand enough for her tree. Sorry for the rambling... I love it, and my husband pretends to, and that is all that matters.


Twinkle Pink said...

Hi, thanks for coming by my blog, I found you by chance on my Marie Antoinette post.

You asked where the journals are now - well mine is currently with Natasha Burns in Austrailia (I have hers), we will both be working on the project this christmas holiday. The other 2 US based ladies will swap, we will all swap some more and eventually we will all end up with our own journals (probably be spring time). Christmas has held us up, but the end results should be exciting to see.

Thank you for coming by.

best wishes Ginny

sewspun said...

What an amazing day of exploring you had! Isn't it fun to just let everything go just for a little bit and something you didn't even know was out there?