Thursday, December 20, 2007

For Detailed Oriented People

Wouldn't it be lovely to just wrap a present and stick a store bought bow on top? I certainly do not know what that feels like. Nor do I know what it feels like to just buy a regular gift at the mall or store. I am speaking directly to crafters and anal retentive people!

I decided recently that I wanted to make individual paper or tissue flowers for each package. Furthermore, I decided to use buttons and glue to adorn my packages. Lastly, I made a few presents this year as well and I am still not done! I made that banner for my little niece and I am hoping they like it. I also bought quite a few handmade items from Etsy shops for as many people as I could. I LOVE handmade items. It is so personal and so unique in giftng to someone a handmade gift.

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