Saturday, August 7, 2010


When I think of the word brothers, I smile, and a song comes to mind from my FAVORITE childhood Christmas movie, Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas, "Brothers." Below is a picture of my little otters that I took recently in Colin's nursery. Christian is so fond of his little brother and so gentle with him. Again, the lighting is not so great because I can't keep my shutter speed up with these fast moving otters without a total blur.

Ofcourse, the proud mother that I am, I just had to share these pics of Stink Bone since he was so good. Well, I did promise him a new toy from the Tractor Supply store. He just has that look in one of these pics like hmmmmm.... I think I might be good so I can get a new tractor toy.


Merci-Notes said...

I love how you capture your children in your photo graphs! They too will cheirsh them!

I also like your Catechist on your side bar.
Have you ever hear Father Corapi?

With Kindess,

Alison said...

Think my favourite photos are the 2nd one and the last one.
Such sweet boys