Monday, June 28, 2010

Wips, but most people call them lips. His big brother just happens to call them wips and I find that too cute. He also thinks little brother's wips look like a tire. Not sure where he gets that correlation from but I do know that big brother ADORES anything with tires. I've been so creative lately and promise to post a ton of things soon. I made a new onesie for little Colin and I bought some cool things for his room and mine. Can't wait to get them up with pictures too. Have a big order to start on that is way over due for a local children's boutique and a 4th birthday album to get started on. Then, after all of that, I must get busy trying to figure out the darn applique setting on my sewing machine. Before my mom passed we would sit and try to make the applique stitch work on our the machine we shared, and we never figured out. Then, she got sick and the rest went from there. I know she would smile down on me if I figure this thing out so I will! I'm quite determined!


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Beautiful, beautiful wips.

Alison said...

Oh what sweet wips!!
I am sure your mother will be looking down and guiding you to get that applique right.