Friday, February 13, 2009

Le Wreath

The newest addition to my Etsy shop is Le Wreath. I really adore this wreath! If I don't sell it, I will keep it all to myself. Made from hotpink tulle and millinery from brandywine it is perfect to hang in a little girl's room or a big girl's too! It took quite sometime to make so I am pleased it is now complete!


Rosy said...

Wow! Pretty pretty wreath! You talented gal.
Sorry I hadn't got back to you sooner. I hope you still remember the question you asked me on my blog, about what other roses than Knockout to plant in Florida. I didn't know of course, but I Googled and typed in "Growing Roses in Florida"(which I recommend you do also), there is so much info on that. Also interesting that one of the articles talked about Fortuneana rootstock too, sounded like that's the one for Florida, we too have sandy based soil, but the climate is very dry, contrary to your humidity. I learnt lots just reading those articles. They also have suggestions for rose varieties which would do well there. Have fun exploring!

Brandy Faulkner said...

Ooooh You did a wonderful job!! So pretty!



Alisa said...

What a fun wreath!