Thursday, January 8, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I've been quite busy lately with my new hobby photography but cannot neglect my old hobbies, crafting! I have been preparing for a birthday party coming up this week and it is rare that we get to go to a girl's birthday party (usually all boys). So, I got to make frilly stuff! I also bought frilly things! I had so much fun crafting for this.

The brooch (in French says, "Am I gorgeous or what? Je suis belle ou quoi?) will be coming to my shop soon with much better pictures to follow. The wreath will be coming too, as soon as I get another one made up. Enjoy! Oh, the antique silver peat pot is in my shop but the other one is not. I plan on making another teal peat pot but with the words, birthday girl. It is a delightful way to give a gift.

Frosting Couture is my new favorite Etsy shop. She made these lovely shoes for the party and I also bought a matching headband. Just click on the link right here in the post to go to Frosting Couture's Etsy Shop.


Merci-Notes said...


Say, STAY Warm down there, REALLY south of me!!! This Alberta Clipper is hitting everyone! I sure hope the citrus crops will be ok.

How do you heat your home???
And, is see that you are a make-up artist! I cannot do makeup well. I went for the natural look (mascara) and that has gotten me by nicely until a few years ago. Now I need to know the tricks! It is a talent!

Thank you for coming by to say hello to me!


Sweetina said...

Total Eye candy, Jamie!
Oh my stars you have created the prettiest girly Bday decor!
And enjoy the photography...I am hooked also!
What day is your Bday?
heehee February Girls!
Mine is the 28th.
Have super weekend!

Jenn said...

Love love love the baskets! So cute!

Alisa said...

Oh, those peat pots are darling!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Lovely creations. I especially love the blue basket!
I am glad you came by to visit me on my blog, so I could come snoop around! ;)